Saturday, August 06, 2011

ramadan 7.0

boo! it's me!
ramadan kareem!

it's ramadan day 6 and today is the FIRST day that i FINALLY get to fast. considering that i've had to put a hold on fasting during the last ten days (seriously *sob*) over the last two ramadans, this is totally okay. and positives to not fasting the first five days while everyone else fasted:
  1. i was bummed out and jealous of everyone else and this fueled the fasting beast within me.
  2. ramadan came out of nowhere this time! i know ISNA declared august 1 and so i should have been ready, but it takes a day or two adjust, natch. well, I HAD PLENTY OF TIME (see 1).
  3. decided to write the diaries - i thought i'd outgrown writing down all of my ramadan hopes dreams and ambitions! but i think i need to do this to focus. i hung out with a lot of people from stanford last weekend before ramadan started, and many of them specifically asked about RDing, which is why i put it on the table.
not so great things about not fasting the first five days while everyone else fasted:
  1. generally i get a break after fasting a few days, so i use that spiritual momentum to make the most of my non-fasting days too. this time, not so much. i tried of course, but it's hard to break several months of being lame all at once (fasting jump starts it).
  2. the fasting beast is so enthusiastic that i was over-confident during suhoor. i think i missed out on drinking enough water, but was farsighted enough to brag to my family that i'm going to fast them under the table.
also news, apparently i'm really into idioms involving tables.

as fascinating as all of this is, i'm running on three hours of sleep. ttyl, internet.